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Free Download Fifa Street 2012

Over the last year or so EA has dug deep into the vaults and resurrected many of  classic sports spin-off titles. Starting with NBA JAM and then following up with the revamp of NFL Blitz, and recently SSX. Now EA Sports is moving to one of their own franchises with the new release of FIFA Street. Leaving the pitch and heading to the streets around the world, soccer fans can throw down in various events in FIFA Street. Street soccer isn’t always about scoring goals but about scoring and doing it in style. The game has come along way since it’s earlier releases, with the development team tapping into many of the control and play features seen in FIFA 12.

FIFA Street is powered by the same Player Impact Engine as found in FIFA 12. The goal of this game engine is to remove captured animations and allow real player and ball physics to dictate the on-field action, this leads to a more realistic looking action and not seeing the same animations throughout your game. Unfortunately the engine was rough in FIFA 12, and while the concept of it would fit well within the stylistic gameplay of FIFA Street, the same wonky problems persist, and are even more visible due to the close angle camera and minimal player count on-screen. More often than not players oddly bounce off each other, and when players go down many times the falls are unrealistic with the falling player most times flailing in the incorrect direction. The few times the system works though the moves look great, unfortunately most times it’s the computer making flawless tricks around you.
The funky on field action doesn’t end there unfortunately. When playing defense your pretty much helpless. You have two tackle options and most times they are ineffective, or lead to an incredibly odd animation. When attempting a tackle on a player you’ll many times see your player reach with their leg then do this weird twisting move, which leads to them falling and or getting stuck between a complete fall or popping back up. This annoying tackle issue leads to two problems with the game, first it looks really bad, and two your opponent then gets a big break on you. Now if you do kick the ball away many times my player would once again get stuck in an animation transition and instead of pursuing the loose ball they pretty much stop in their tracks.
Speaking of not going after loose balls, your team AI is non-existent. Common sense would dictate if a loose ball is near you, you go after it, you don’t let the other team recover, unfortunately the only time my team would go after a ball is if I was in control of the player, and even then I have to hope he doesn’t fall victim to any collision/animation issues. The only AI player on my team that seems to do anything is the goalie and even then at times they make many silly mistakes or again just don’t react to what is going on.
It’s a real letdown that these issues are so rampant in the game as they really hurt the otherwise awesome flow of the action. The new Street Ball Control system is quite intuitive and easy to learn. Using the left trigger you can stop the ball and then using the left thumbstick pivot your leg moving the ball away from defenders. Then using the right thumbstick you can pull off the impressive tricks. Nailing a Panna or rain-bowing the ball over a defender is always exciting, as long as the physics systems acts correctly.
The one thing about the FIFA Street series is that for the more casual soccer fan it’s a much more fun game to play. The smaller playing field keeps the action fast paced, and the various events, 2 vs 2, 5 vs 5 and 6 vs 6 are much easier for non-pros to understand and play. And even with the focus on style the control scheme required to pull off the 50+ tricks and moves isn’t all that difficult, at least to me it seems easier in FIFA Street nailing these moves compared to the regular FIFA titles.
As far as the game modes go, the majority of your time will be spent in World Tour mode. In this mode you build a squad and compete around the world in various events. These events range in type, you might be facing off in a 2 vs 2 Panna match where every trick banks you a point, scoring a goal cashes in the points you earn and wipes out the opponents bank. Or you might have trick matches where you pull off tricks to earn points and again scoring a goal is how you lock in the points of your score. And then there are the straight forward 5 vs 5 and 6 vs six matches and tournaments. As you play you earn point for each of your squad members and can upgrade their abilities and unlock more and more tricks.
You can also take your team online and play in the on-going Online Season mode. Each season you have 10 games to earn enough points to be promoted to higher divisions. There is plenty of game types for you to enjoy both online and offline. And like other EA titles as of late, everything you do is somehow tracked and ranked, and you’ll see how you compare to your friends.
The environments you  play in are also really impressive. From the dark loading dock, to the indoor basketball court you’ll be playing in many differing venues. All these venues also have the look and feel of the city where they are played in. The venues also all vary in size and you’ll have to adjust your play style and strategy for each game.
For the most part FIFA Street is an enjoyable game. When the game’s physics and animations system works good the game looks and plays great. But when the problems come up they come up in pretty awful ways. I think between the collision issues and AI issues, the low IQ of the AI is what really annoys me the most in the game. So many times my teammates just look at free balls instead of going after them causing the other team to always recover. The other thing that has me boggled about the game is the lack of EA GameFace, it’s very surprising that one of EA Sports best player creation features is missing. For the casual soccer fan you will really find the play of FIFA Street much more enjoyable, mostly due to the pace of matches and the cool tricks you can pull off. We have waited a while for FIFA Street to return and while it is enjoyable the game issues might warrant you giving it a rent before picking it up, unless you are a hardcore soccer fan looking for a new fix.

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