Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Kamus Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 8th Edition (NEW EDITION)

Aplikasi kamus English-English. Dilengkapi dengan pronounciation British & America, dan berbagai macam exercises.

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Instalasi :

File ini dalam bentuk ISO. Jadi anda perlu mount dulu menggunakan aplikasi virtual drive.

Jalankan program setup-nya. Lalu replace file oald8.exe (ada di folder C:\Program Files\Oxford\OALD8) dengan file ada di folder crack.

Join dengan Winrar

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oald Crack - Indowebster.com
Date upload: 21-Jun-2012 Size: 492.18 KB
OALD8 7z 001 - Indowebster.com
Date upload: 25-Jun-2012 Size: 150 MB
OALD8 7z 002 - Mediafire
atau di Idws : OALD8 7z 002 - Indowebster.com Date upload: 22-Jun-2012 Size: 150 MB
OALD8 7z 003 - Mediafire
atau di Idws : OALD8 7z 003 - Indowebster.com Date upload: 22-Jun-2012 Size: 150 MB
OALD8 7z 004 - Indowebster.com
Date upload: 25-Jun-2012 Size: 150 MB
OALD8 7z 005 - Indowebster.com
Date upload: 25-Jun-2012 Size: 68.14 MB

Letakkan kelima file tsb di folder yang sama lalu beri nama sbb:

Part pertama : OALD8.7z.001
Part kedua : OALD8.7z.002
Part ketiga : OALD8.7z.003
Part keempat : OALD8.7z.004
Part kelima : OALD8.7z.005


Apa itu Advanced Learner's Dictionary?
Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
An advanced learner's dictionary is a monolingual learner's dictionary, that is, a dictionary written for non-native speakers. It differs from a bilingual or translation dictionary, on the one hand, and a standard dictionary written for native speakers or linguistic scholars, on the other.

A learner's dictionary is intended for
non-native speakers who want information about the meaning and usage of words and phrases. Such dictionaries focus on current meanings, omitting outdated uses; etymology, a staple of standard dictionaries, is also usually omitted. All headwords are explained in uncomplicated language, typically using a core defining vocabulary of some 3,000 words, thus making the definitions more digestible to learners. There are many example phrases and sentences, but no quotations. Appendices and interspersed notes serve the targeted readership, providing additional guidance and help, for example with the usage of false friends, i.e. words that are often confused by learners.

examples of advanced learner's dictionaries are written for English language learning and teaching.



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