Wednesday, 2 October 2013

JKT48 River Free Full Album MP3 Download

JKT48 River album cover image
Below is the complete track list for River full album by JKT48. This album is released by HITS RECORDS in 2013. Simply click on the song title to download the MP3 files (it will open in new window). Some songs come with lyric and/or ringtone -- just click on the lyric and/or ringtone link on the right (if available) to view it. Please also note that some songs might be tagged for promotion purpose, as well as to encourage you to buy the original CD / casette :) Enjoy!
  1. RIVER
  2. Sakura no Shiori -Pembatas Buku Sakura-
  3. Mirai no Kajitsu -Buah Masa Depan-
Use the link below for the whole full album MP3 download:
download full album


Irfan Syahputra said...

Incidentally, I've got all albums JKT48, which I
bought directly at the CD
store, Heavy Rotation, Yuuhi wo Miteiruka, River, Fortune Cookies, Manatsu no Sounds Good, Flying Get, Gingham Check, and Pajama Drive setlist :)

But this blog is very cool because you gives free link to download all the album of JKT48.

R Doddy Priyatna said...

kalau river sih emang lagu favorit gw, pop tapi dibalut dengan musik ngebeat, nice song!

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